The Healthcare Industry and Mobile Technology

The Healthcare Industry and Mobile Technology Mobile health technology (mHealth) is empowering patients today to engage in their own healthcare by giving them access to tools which can help then manage chronic conditions and even be diagnosed by physicians. Physicians have been uncertain about the impact of mHealth on their practices but are increasingly more […]

Wearable Technology: Google Glass

Through the years, information technology has continued to change the face of the healthcare industry. Several software products and applications have been developed to aid healthcare professionals, helping improve the delivery of patient care. One of today’s latest innovations is wearable technology, or accessories or gadgets that let consumers incorporate technology into their everyday life. […]

Telehealth as a Cost-effective Healthcare Modality for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Patients

With the increasing number of aging individuals in the US who need screening tests for cognitive disease, innovative interventions like telehealth have been proposed.  Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease that has increasingly been drawing wide attention because of its significant social and economic burden to patients and their families. AD results in impairments […]

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